I’m New

I’m New

(Frequently asked questions for your first visit)

What should I wear?

No dress code. Just dress casually and comfortably. Want to wear jeans and tennis shoes? Perfect. You’ll fit right in.


What time is church and how long does it last?

We have a Bible Study Hour at 9:30 on Sunday Mornings. This is small group study for all ages. Just walk in the main church building and one of our ushers will get you to the right place based on your age or interest.

Our Sunday Morning Worship is at 10:30 and it is in the main church and lasts about an hour and 15 minutes. We start with some singing, then announcements/prayer requests, some more singing and then a message from the Pastor. We sing a variety of older traditional hymns and mix in some newer worship music. It is a variety intended for all ages.


Do I have to put money in the offering?

We consider a time during our service to collect an offering as part of our worship; just like praying, singing, or listening to a message. Financial giving is the responsibility of our members and regular attenders and no one is checking to see who is giving or how much is given.  Just come and soak up the fellowship.


What do you offer for children and students?

We feel like reaching the next generation is a priority for our church and encourage ALL generations to participate in our worship time. If you desire to have your children in an age appropriate class, there are classes (Junior Church) during the Sunday Morning Worship for them to attend. However, if you would like to keep your children in the service, we welcome them as well. We dismiss the kids from ages 2-4th grade midway through the worship service (after the music) so they can spend part of the service with you and the balance in their age appropriate class. The ushers or Junior Church leaders can direct you to the correct class and you can get them after the service in their classroom.


How do I get to meet people at Community Bible Church (CBC)

We like to think we are a pretty friendly group of folks at all of our activities but, there are a couple of ways you can connect. There is a great time to meet people on Sundays between 10:15 and 10:30 in the foyer. We will get a cup of Randy’s coffee for you and you can mingle before church. We also offer a number of smaller group activities including weekly Youth Groups, Women’s Bible Studies, and Men’s Thursday Morning Bible Study and Coffee. Check out their pages for details.

You can email us at cbctipp@gmail if you are interested in participating.

LOOKING FOR A CHURCH? We’d love for you to join us!